Saturday, 28 April 2018

2 Cellos at Arena Di Verona

Wake Me Up / We Found Love
2 Cellos! :-)
Watch . 2 Cellos perform Wake Me Up / We Found Love live at Arena Di Verona.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Punjab Current Scenario - Gurdas Mann

.. Roots have dried up, branches have wilted .. regard and love is lost ..
Punjab - Current Scenario - Video by Gurdas Mann.
I have shared this Video a few days back. I share it again. I have translated a few verses or lines from the Video, which is in Punjabi, to English. Link is .
Here goes:-
".. The roots have dried up, the branches have wilted .. burnt the milk in your chest (or breast) due to smoke (smoking) - for women .. which mother's son shall become lion (now) .. no difference between milk and wine (spirits) .. the white man's storm became so big .. colourful Punjab became half blind .. people have forgotten the method (or manners) of love (or regard) .."
There's more to this Video. Time represented by Gurdas Maan takes a young Bhagat Singh into the future from 1917 into 2017 and shows the future martyr the state of Punjab at a later time, a century from then.

Ok now, I think this state (condition) of Punjab was coming. Now if I say something people will not like it. But the truth is that "indifference", "hollow ego", "thinking too much unto themselves", "thinking the others as bloody fools and shodaa (yes, they think that others are no good)", and being "hadda haraam" and "thinking about themselves as superior without any self-earned merit" has done them in. You can add on to this.

Even as way back as 30 years ago people had started saying that people of Punjab are not good. I mean what we conjured up (images) of Punjab were false. People are actually not good. Punjabiyat or dil waalee baat doesn't exist there. It actually exists remotely in some Punjabi hearts (like mine ;-) ) and outside of Punjab. You have heard something like 'dil waalon ki dilli' or something like "dilli to dil waalon ki hai" - I suppose those dilliwalahs are mostly Punjabis, and those Punjabis don't live in Punjab. :-)
Sometimes it might appear that I have drifted away on a tangent. But only those people will think like this (that I have gone off on a tangent) who are still the same hadda haraam, same bloody fools, same work shirkers (WORK SHIRKERS), and think that I "don't know reality" (and their reality is some "illogical" "non-objective" "nonsense").

The earlier post where this video was shared is at . It has a write up too.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Key Ring as a prop, as a metaphor

Chhallaa (Key Ring) - Gurdas Mann version
.. KeyRing .. prop .. metaphor ..
This is a video with the audio of Chhalla song (version) by Gurdas Mann alongwith images and this is preceded by a brief description about Chhallaa in Punjabi language. Link is . Song is from 1986, I suppose. It has been sung by others before him, I learn. This one by Gurdas Mann was in Laung Daa Lishkaaraa film in which he himself played a guest actor role.
".. Kan Diyan Dandiyan Sare Pind Wich Wandiyan .." What does it 'imply', people? - this line or verse - 'Kan Diyan Dandiyan Sare Pind Wich Wandiyan'. ;-)
.. Punjab .. Punjabiyat .. Literature .. Folk ..
Also see the post preceding this one. URL is .

Friday, 28 April 2017

Punjab by Gurdas Mann

Gurdas Maan Video - Punjab in bad state.
I believe this Video has been released a few weeks ago. Song is called Punjab. Here Gurdas Mann rues the truth of the Punjab State today. Link is .
There is a problem of drugs, eradication of virtues and humanism, absence of respect and regard, less and less honour of the motherland, stamping of completely alien ideologies, ideologies which don't belong to Punjab, niet, don't belong to India, in fact they can't be ideologies of any place.

Thankfully, there are still people in Punjab who understand their roots and understand what Punjab and indeed the rest of India really needs. And I am telling everyone, 'you don't need bullet trains, you need to make sure that the corrupt are eradicated and there is justice for each and everyone irrespective of money and muscle power of the goondaa', 'you don't need to pitch for Olympic Games, you need to make sure that development reaches the poorest of the poor, you need to set your country in order'. "There must be all round welfare, not all round warfare', and 'you must set your priorities right'. 'You don't need gyms and supplements and steroids'. 'You have given yourself lopsided priorities'. 
Organise India. Restore India, Reboot India.
Gurdas Maan himself represents time, kaal - in this Video - and takes Bhagat Singh into the future into 2017 from 1917 and first extracts a promise from him that Bhagat Singh will not abandon his mission after seeing what happens in the future. Gurdas Maan .. :-) .. he is good with metaphors, I think, .. remember chhallaa? I'll see if I find a video on Chhallaa, very old Gurdas Maan number. Props. Props are integral or intrinsic to Punjabi Literature, Punjabi Folk Culture, I believe. Please comment people. Oye Punjabi Folk, comment. Listen to Chhalla also - ".. mere Dukkhaan di kahaani ..", remember Punjabiyat, galvanise yourself, remind yourself, organise yourself. Priorities are not only land (Real estate) and gold, priorities are justice, law and order, virtues, and depth of individual (DEPTH OF INDIVIDUAL), and not KFC, and not Chow Mein, and not firing in the air in marriage parties, .. We all must get together and restore sanity and sensibility to Punjab, .. and India. .. .. Mere Dukkhaan Di Kahaani .. ..
I am saying, despite sunshine and fertile land and industrious people and 'intrinsic' regard for mitti (soil) and virtues, Punjab landed in drugs problem. :-(

This Video will be shared by myself again at a later time and the link to that will come here ~~>> .... <<~~ here . This will have a write up too.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Summer Wine - Strawberries, Cherries And An Angel's Kiss In Spring

My Summer Wine Is really Made From All These Things
Music Video Summer Wine. Movie Sugar Town. Singers Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood.

This is a music video on the song Summer Wine. I heard the song the first time early-middle 1970's I think, and I used to think as a little child, "wow, what's that". I mean it had an attractive sound to it. Here, listen.
Link is .
Now in this Video they are not Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. In this Video you see actors. Someone said, by the way, 'who's listening to this in 2017?' Well, ha ha. Yes it has been a long time. To be precise, it will be 50 years this year. This song is from 1967 (though I learn that it was first sung in 1966). :-)
I was sure that Wikipedia will surely have a page to this. And it does. It's here >> .

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Musician from Germany - Piano

Score in International Competition
Simon Daum is a musician from Germany.
Here is a Music Video from him ~> .

Perhaps this should be playing alongside a couple doing their routine in a Roller Skating Rink or an Ice Skating Rink in an International Competition. :-) Take it from me! Nice Music, Happy Tidings?

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Innocence, Simplicity, Some People

Beautiful, .. Sublime, .. Bollywood
काश किसी तरह मैं 1955 - 60 - 65 के दौर में पहुँच जाऊँ और तब उस समय का भारत देखूं, घूमूँ, भ्रमण करूँ और उस काफ़िले में ही खो जाऊँ ! .. #काश ..

Watch this video song. There is innocence, there is simplicity.
Link is .
Uff. I mean the music, the picturisation, the lyrics, the infectious oldness sometimes, the whatever in these old songs tells you that once there was innocence, there was simplicity, and you could come across people.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bollywood Music Composer sings himself

Bollywood Hindi Film Song, music composed by Madan Mohan
Madan Mohan sings himself. :-) That's him, Madan Mohan.
This is the song 'Mai Ri Main Kaase Kahoon Peer Apne Jiyaa Ki Mai Ri .. '
This has been sung by the Music Composer himself here in the Video. Audio only is there. There is a commentary.

Link is .
Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Desert Rose Lyrics - Song by Sting and Cheb Mami

Lyrics of Desert Rose running across in the Video
Address is .
Sting sings and song features Cheb Mami (Algeria).
And this video features a girl with green eyes, or is that aquamarime? :-) She also sports an ornament (an adornment with .. artistic tassle?) towards the right side of her face. .. वो अरेबिया की लड़की .. About the eyes: I know it is photo edit in all probability!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Desert Rose by Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner

World Music - song by Sting and  Algerian Cheb Mami
Song by Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. Oho? Sting? Here's Sting with Desert Rose. :-)
This is in World Music category. The Arabic singer is Cheb Mami (Algerian). Video is at . Sting's real name is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner.